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Discover Hotel Alito Tulum

The Evolution of Hotel La Diosa Tulum

Welcome to the next chapter of serene escapes and cultural journeys at Alito Hotel Tulum, formerly known as La Diosa Hotel Tulum.

Embrace the New Horizon

Dive into a realm where the ethos of tranquility, cultural appreciation, and holistic wellness transcends under a new emblem—Alito Hotel Tulum.

Unveiling Our New Identity

While our name has evolved, our core essence of providing a sustainable and tranquil haven amidst the rich tapestry of Tulum’s historical and natural beauty remains steadfast.


Next to Tulum Archaeological Site

Step outside our doors and you're just a 10-minute walk the archaeological site - the closest hotel by far.

Tulum's Most Extensive Beach

200 meters of uninterrupted white sands await your arrival.

Nestled Within the National Park Jaguar

Nature is your neighbor, whit the enchanting Jaguar Natural Reserve as your backyard.

Breathtaking Ocean View

Our oceanfront hotel guarantees the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets

Breakfast Included & Internet access

Enjoy healthy options for breakfast and embrace modern comfort amenities

Sustainable Design and Practices

We prioritize sustainable practices in every aspect of our operations

Continue The Journey With Us

Explore the ancients, embrace the elements, and enjoy the expanse as you reconnect with nature, immerse in local culture, and relax on Tulum’s largest beach.

Our Values Remain Unchanged

Our rebranded identity continues to uphold the values of cultural appreciation, tranquility, celebration of life, wellness, guest-centric service, community engagement, and sustainability.

Your Same Preferred Getaway, Now With a Fresh Allure

Indulge in the reinvigorated experience as Hotel Alito Tulum, where nature, history, and beachfront bliss converge harmoniously.

Begin your journey of discovery and relaxation with Alito Tulum, your peaceful retreat amidst the vibrancy of Tulum.

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