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Explore the Wild Heart of Tulum at National Park Jaguar

A Sanctuary of Natural Tranquility Awaits

Venture into the serene embrace of nature at National Park Jaguar, a hidden gem of ​​approximately 2,913 hectares nestled amidst the vibrant landscapes of Tulum. As a guest of Hotel Alito, you’re granted the privilege of easy access to this lush paradise, where the whispers of the ancient Mayan jungle invite you to explore and reconnect with nature. National Park Jaguar is a realm where the green foliage dances to the rhythm of soft breezes and the pristine waters reflect the endless blue skies.

National Park Jaguar is more than just a natural reserve, it highlights the archaeological monuments, the natural and cultural wealth of the federal reserves, as well as the conservation elements, which are those ecosystems that support the flora and fauna of the place. Engage with the park’s initiatives that echo the values of sustainability and cultural appreciation, embodying the spirit of preservation that’s intrinsic to Tulum.

Therefore, for the use and enjoyment of these spaces, at the entrance of the National Park you will be charged $58 MXN per person and the ticket box will grant an access bracelet that you must wear at all times.

After a day of exploration, the peaceful ambiance of Hotel Alito awaits to cradle you in comfort. Reflect on the day’s adventures as the sun casts a golden glow over the tranquil shores, the perfect ending to a day spent in nature’s embrace.

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